Mibesys, computer engineering company, provides companies its expertise in the following areas: creation of websites and dynamic platforms, software development, mobile application development (Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile) and SmartTV.

Website development and dynamic platforms

We produce low-cost solutions, where the customer himself can change the content of its website without the intervention of our development team, we offer e-commerce website packages to shopping, and business packages to businesses low budget.

Packs websites and e- shops

Web packs are pre-configured. Choose between several graphic themes. access to  www.sitewebpack.com

Specific development

From a list of functional and graphic load, our team performs a module or project of several J / H.

Software development

Our base application , enables the design , software development of an agile way. The customer works with the team and provides a report on the suitability of the software with its expectations.

Mobile application development.

We have the technical competence and control our development process from specification to deployment on application markets. (Google Play Store , Apple store and Windows store) .

Graphic design.

We offer you creative young designers, who have proven themselves in the field of art. They are able to transcribe your dreams into Photoshop graphic format.

Website Hosting.

The company specializes in hosting dynamic websites written in ASP .Net and PHP. We provide our customers a control panel, and technical support by email.

Software design.

Can not write your notebook support? We have functional and drafting skills to transcribe your methods , work process computer screen. Our deliverable is a PDF document, which describes all screens features of your future application.


With technical expertise , We provide our advice in the field of software We analyze your existing softwares and recommend solutions to be applied. Creation of software solutions , web sites, referencing Solution (SEO ) and mobile application development.

Application maintenance

Specializing in Microsoft .net technology, we have the competence to correct existing anomalies in your current application. We can intervene on applications / SPA website .net, winforms and wpf .

Why Mibesys ?

Coached by an expert in software development , the company has built a framework  web fluid, secured and efficient as possible to reduce the completion time . Team is not related to web solutions like wordpress and joomla free . Each completed project allows to improve and add new functionalities to our framework. Paypal modules will be found , Morocco telecommerce , Bing translation, open graph ...

Nautilus is a project management tool developed in-house. it allows to make correct estimates and also monitor the state of applications and projects spots.

Test Procedures Team performs checks list of unit , transverse and functional test. the customer is directly involved in the tests.

The customer has a single intelocuteur which is the project manager. It keeps track of production and validates new customer requests.

Customer abroad or in FES,FEZ, au Morocco, tools like skype, emails and Phones make communication with the company easy